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The Auckland Trio performs in a wide range of venues and settings, using violin, viola, guitar, cello, flute or piano depending on the project. Sometimes the ensemble expands to a quartet or even a chamber orchestra.
Playing concerts; cruise ships; tours; festivals; weddings; corporate; parties; celebrations; church services; funerals; functions; children's shows; gallery openings and more.
Repertoire includes:

Baroque and Classical - perfect for wedding ceremonies; concerts; or suitable for background music at many events.


International set - suitable for receptions; events; feature items and festivals. For this, we have our own unique arrangements bringing to life diverse music to entertain and even dance to! Different songs from different contries and idioms, including: Gypsy; Tango; Irish; Fiddle; Folk; Fusion; Popular; Singer-songwriter; Jazz.


Plus, an ever-expanding repertoire list as we explore new influences suitable for our trio's unique sound! 


Whatever your musical tastes, our choice of music can be tailored for your special event providing the perfect ambience.

Click the contact button to start a discussion about your event and requirements.

Click on the pictures' play buttons to hear Auckland Trio in performance.

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