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The Auckland Trio performs in a wide range of venues and settings, using violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute or piano depending on the project. The ensemble also expands to a quartet or even a chamber orchestra.

Auckland Trio's performers:

St. Petersburg trained violinist, Dr. Elena Abramova (violin), has played with the major orchestras in Russia and New Zealand, also in many and varied chamber music settings, which has yielded a rare depth to the character of her playing. Greg McGarity (viola), has studied music in Australia and Germany, performed in 20 countries, and plays viola and guitar in the trio. He loves writing music in an eclectic mix of styles to inspire and move.  James Yoo (cello), also studied in Australia and Germany and brings a vibrant mastery of his mellow cello to the NZ music scene. Dr. Callum Hall (cello), has studied and played in the USA and is now back in NZ playing with different orchestras and ensembles.

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